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How does it work?

Create a presave page

Creating a Presave campaign is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply enter the details of your release, choose your release date, and create your page. We will notify you on the date of release, with instructions on inputting your Spotify track URL. & cheese

Share your presave page

Share your Presave campaign alongside release teasers and previews, so your fans can presave the track to their Spotify libraries.

Get hyped on Spotify

Being saved on Spotify is important for your growth as an artist. We want to make sure you have the very best chance at hitting the Spotify viral charts and place well on playlists.

Benefits of Presave

- All users that presave follow the Artist, a playlist of your choice & have the track added to their 'saves' on release day
- Once a user is following the Artist, the release will show up in 'Discovery Weekly'
- The 'Saves' on release day help create momentum inside Spotifys system which helps with playlisting and charting on the 'Viral Top 50's'