5 Different Campaign Types

Which Presave campaign is right for you?

13 Nov 2018

We have just updated our campaign types to give you more options when creating a campaign. This post is to explain each campaign type and provide some insight into how these can be used.

Regular Presave Campaign

This is the most straightforward and most popular campaign type. We have a tutorial taking thru how to create one of these. With this campaign type, you can take advantage of Presaves most important features such as Artist follows, playlist follows, email collection and more, all with multiple DSP options.


Competition / Giveaway Campaign

Competition campaigns are a great way to incentivize fans to pre-save your release.
Previous clients have used this campaign type to give away a variety of different rewards such as:
Event Tickets
Meet & Greets

Once your competition/giveaway campaign is done you can let our system pick your winner at random, or download the emails and pick yourself.

Presave 2 Download

This campaign type is ideal for rewarding presavers with a piece of content such as:
Acoustic version of the release
Exclusive remix(s)
Wallpaper packs

After your fans presave the release they are directed to a destination of your choice.

Presave Preview

This newly added campaign type allows you to add a short audio preview to be displayed after a fan has presaved your release.

Presave Reveal

Another new campaign type just added. Theirs quite a few variations to create a presave reveal campaign. The first is by revealing the Artist & Song Name or any other customizable information about the release such as label, featured artist etc.

The second is to reveal the artwork, this works by our system blurring the image until a user presaves.

This artwork reveal can be used together with the first option of revealing song/artist information.


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