Introducing Presave+

Presave+ the very first fan subscription for your releases.

10 Feb 2019

We are super proud to announce our latest new feature called Presave+.



When you add your campaign to PS+, fans who presave your release will subscribe to all of your future releases across Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer.


This new feature can be a little complicated to explain, so we’ve compiled a basic list of questions and answers below.


What is Presave+?

Presave+ allows you to accumulate presaves over multiple releases. It creates a Playlist on your favorite DSP including all tracks you add to your PS+ dashboard.


How do I setup my Presave+?

In your dashboard, you’ll see a new Presave+ tab. Click it and go through the setup. Afterwards you can choose a subdomain, this will be your subscription page. People who connect on this page will automatically save all future campaigns you add to Presave+.


What are the benefits?

With Presave+ you can accumulate saves from previous releases onto new releases. Essentially when a fan pre-saves your release, they will have all future releases added automatically. This is a great benefit to artists and labels running regular campaigns.


Example usage:

Artist X is releasing a new track and runs a presave campaign. He adds this campaign to PS+ in his dashboard and 1000 people presave the release. On release day those 1000 fans have the song added to a playlist inside their chosen DSP’s library. (Playlist name chosen by the artist/campaign creator)
Artist then goes on to run another 2 pre-save campaigns that both get a 1000 unique presaves each. Campaign 2 will be saved to 2000 and campaign 3 will be saved to 3000 and so on and so forth.

Please note: Presaves that come only from PS+ (not saved directly) will go only into the newly created personal Playlist – this avoids spam and abuse of this feature.


We are so excited to bring you this new feature and look forward to helping you grow and build your fanbases.

Much love,


Matt & Jordi